About Vigan City Council


A Pro-active, Aggressive, Competitive, Empowered and Responsible Legislative body of the World Heritage City of Vigan. 


To enact relevant ordinances and approve functional resolutions for the general welfare; To appropriate funds for the effective management of the city government and development programs for community development of the city;
To review and approve the investment plan for the sustainable development of the city;
To ensure check and balance in both legislative and executive branches to enhance good governance
To create a mechanism involving the civil society and the government to formulate necessary strategies to implement this mission. 

The Sangguaniang Panlungsod Seal


  1. SUN – represents the Presiding Officer as the head of the legislative body, setting directions to the body.
  2. 12 STARS – represents the 12 Sanguniang Panlungsod Members comprising the City Council
  3. BOOK – signifies the ordinances, resolutions and policies formulated and approved by the Council.
  4. INK AND FEATHER PEN – signifies the instrument used to affix signatures in every ordinances, resolutions and policies passed with finality by the Council.
  5. GAVEL – stands for the authority of the Presiding Officer in a parliamentary proceeding, clothe with the extensive power to rule order and maintain decorum in the session, declare finality of policies and decisions in whatever stage.
  6. 2001 – implies the year of Vigan’s conversion into a city by an overwhelming majority votes casts in January 22, 2001.
  7. CALESA WHEEL – signifies the evolving and continuing services in the formulation of policies, ordinances and resolutions as mandated duty of the city council to its constituents. It also signifies the binding effect of ordinances, policies and resolutions crafted after deliberations and clash of opinions.
  8. SPOKES OF CALESA WHEEL – signifies the various ideas of the members of the Council, integrated, merged and molded into legislative policies or measures.
  9. ROPE OF OUTER CIRCLE – unites the Sangguniang Panlungsod with the City of Vigan as a collegial body.
  10. YELLOW COLOR – symbolizes the bright ideas generated by the Council in performing their sworn duties.