Heritage Conservation and Tourism

Ordinance No. 03, Series of 2014 - Ordinance Prohibiting the act of being topless in Vigan CIty
Ordinance No. 06, Series of 2014 - Ordinance Requiring Hotels, Apartelles to program TVigan as the first Channel
Ordinance No. 08, Series of 2013 - Ordinance Reinforcing Calesa Operations
Ordinance No.10. Series of 2012-Vigan Tourism Code
Ordinance No.1,Series of 2007 - Amending the Display of Signs in the City of Vigan.
Ordinance No. 2, Series of 2009 - Vigan City River Cruise Rates
Ordinance No.6, Series of 2005 - Declaring the Viva Vigan Festival as Abel Iloko Week in Vigan.
Ordinance No. 7,Series of 2006 - Vigan Conservation Guidelines as Amended Code.
Ordinance No.7,Series of 2008 - Expropriation of property of Gregorio Street Crisologo St. for heritage.
Ordinance No.12, Series of 2005 - Regulating the entry of cargodelivery trucks on Streets within Heritage Village
Ordinance No.14,Series of 2002- Creating the Vigan Arts and Culture Council and Fund.
Ordinance No.14, Series of 2008-Guidelines in naming and renaming public places, Streets.
Ordinance No.15,Series of 2003- Requiring the display of national flag on national flag days
Ordinance No.15,Series of 2008 - Prohibiting the low pass of aircrafts over Vigan.
Ordinance No 4,Series 2000- Enacting the Preservation and Conservation Guidelines for Vigan Ancestral Houses.
Ordinance No 4,Series 2000- Enacting the preservation and conservation guidelines for Vigan Ancestral Houses.
Ordinance No 6,Series 1994 - Adopting the visit A Museum program and Authorizing the appropriation of funds therefore.
Ordinance No 6,Series 1999- Amending certain provisions of the Core and Buffer Zone Ordinance.
Ordinance No 8,Series 2000- Regulating the manufacture and sale of furniture within the core zone.
Ordinance No12,Series 1997- Defining the Core and Buffer Zone of the Historic Town of Vigan.
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