Public Safety, Peace and Order

Ordinance No. 01, Series of 2013 - CCTV Ordinance
Ordinance No. 09, Series of 2012 - Ordinance formulating Policies on pre-emptive Mandatory Evacuation
Ordinance No. 18, Series of 2011- An Ordinance penalizing any unauthorized person who will breach fire.
Ordinance No. 24, Series of 2014 - Ordinance prohibiting the use of cellphones while driving a vehicle in the City of Vigan.
Ordinance No.03,Series of 2009 - Regulation sale Fire crackers, pyrotechnic devices in Vigan
Ordinance No.9, Series of 2007 - Prescribing the safety measures in refueling at gasoline stations in Vigan
Ordinance No.10,Series of 2006 - Requiring the Submission of Contingent Plan for stage concerts, shows or any event.
Ordinance No.21,Series of 2005 - Curtail the sale of manufacture of counterfeit drugs and pharmaceutical products.
Ordinance No. 24, Series of 2005 - Regulating the purchase and sale, trade in of mobile phones.
Ordinance No.25, Series of 2005 - City ordinance on disaster management.
Ordinance No 1,Series of 2001- Requiring the Operators Owners of water.
Ordinance No 2, Series 2001 - Reorganizing the Vigan City Anti-Drug Abuse Council.
Ordinance No 3,Series1999 - Regualting the carrying of Firearms concealed or openly.
Ordinance No 8,Series1994 - 1994 Public Safety Code of Vigan.
Ordinance No 9,Series of 2003 - Creating the Vigan Dangerous Drugs Administrative Board.
Ordinance No 11,Series 1993 - Creating the Liquor and Intoxicating Drinks Regulatory Board (LIRB)
Ordinance No 13, Series of 2002 - Requiring Govenment and Pivate Establishments.
Ordinance No 16,Series 1997 - Regulating the sale and possession of toy gubs that look like real guns.
Ordinance No. 23, Series of 2015- Ordinance requiring PUB and PUV to be equipped with First Aid Kit.
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