Social Services

Ordinance No. 6, Series of 2010 - Ordinance Establishing the Persons with Disability Affairs Office in Vigan.
Ordinance No. 07, Series of 2014 - Community Service Ordinance as alternative penalty.
Ordinance No. 28, Series of 2014 - Ordinance Prohibiting the barring of ramps in Vigan.
Ordinance No,11,Series of 2007- Granting 20% discount on medical,dental services & diagnostic.
Ordinance No.1,Series of 2003 - Creating City Inter - Agency Committee (CIDDS)
Ordinance No. 5, Series of 2008 - Vigan City Heritage Hearse.
Ordinance No.13,Series of 2008 - Establishing Mechanism for Quality public service and transparency, Katulagan.
Ordinance No 8,Series of 2003 - Declaring Vigan as a Pro-Life and Pro-Family City.
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