Trade and Industry

Ordinance No. 26, Series of 2014 - Ordinance requiring all food service industry to include half cup of cooked rice in their menu.
Ordinance No 09,Series of 2000 - Establishing Small Business Incubators Program.
Ordinance No.1, Series of 2006 - Establishing a Community Kiln Oven Facilities for the Clay Industry.
Ordinance No.3, Series of 2007-Amending the Vigan Investment Incentive Code.
Ordinance No.7,Series of 2007-Repealing Chapter VIII,Sec.20 of Investment Incentives Code.
Ordinance No.17,Series of 2003- Creating the Vigan City Small Business Action.
Ordinance No.18,Series of 2005 - Vigan City Investments Incentives Code of 2005
Ordinance No.19,Series of 2008-Amending Section 11 of Investment Code-inclusion of BPO.
Ordinance No.10,Series of 2005- Creating the Vigan Traditional Industry Development Board.
Ordinance No. 10, Series of 2018 Ordinance Prescribing a tourism Development Fee in Vigan City
Ordinance No. 28, Series of 2020 Ordinance Requiring lessors to register their lessees with 3 months Contract in the Barangay
Ordinance No. 43, Series of 2020 Ordinance Enforcing the Installment Scheme for rents due at the Vigan Public Market and Terminal Annex
Ordinance No. 54, Series of 2020 Ordinance Establishing Guidelines for the Implementation of Ridge and Ref Baguio-Region I travel Corridor in Vigan
Ordinance No. 55, Series of 2020 Ordinance Amending Section 4 of Ordinance No. 08, Series of 2013 Operation of Calesa-schedule of Fares
Ordinance No. 64, Series of 2020 Ordinance Granting Discount on Business tax due to the City Government of Vigan Covering Calendar Year 2020
Ordinance No. 65, Series of 2020 Ordinance on Prober Abeling of Rice Products in Vigan City and Providing Penalties thereof.
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