Trade and Industry

Ordinance No. 26, Series of 2014 - Ordinance requiring all food service industry to include half cup of cooked rice in their menu.
Ordinance No 09,Series of 2000 - Establishing Small Business Incubators Program.
Ordinance No.1, Series of 2006 - Establishing a Community Kiln Oven Facilities for the Clay Industry.
Ordinance No.3, Series of 2007-Amending the Vigan Investment Incentive Code.
Ordinance No.7,Series of 2007-Repealing Chapter VIII,Sec.20 of Investment Incentives Code.
Ordinance No.17,Series of 2003- Creating the Vigan City Small Business Action.
Ordinance No.18,Series of 2005 - Vigan City Investments Incentives Code of 2005
Ordinance No.19,Series of 2008-Amending Section 11 of Investment Code-inclusion of BPO.
Ordinance No.10,Series of 2005- Creating the Vigan Traditional Industry Development Board.
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