Traffic and Transportation

Ordinance No. 15, Series of 2014-Ordinance Amending Section 50 of Transportation Code
Ordinance No. 17, Series of 2014 - Ordinance prescribing fees for tourist Guides
Ordinance No. 18, Series of 2013-Ordinance prohibitng reservations of parking Spaces
Ordinance No. 18, Series of 2014 - Ordinance Requiring Tricycle Drivers Permit.
Ordinance No. 19, Series of 2014 - Ordinance amending Section 67 of Transporration Code Cancellation of Franchise
Ordinance No. 23, Series of 2014 - Ordinance Amending Section 85h Colorum tricycle for hire of the Transportation and Traffic Code.
Ordinance No. 2, Series of 2010 - Regulating Vehicular Vans in the City of Vigan.
Ordinance No.5,Series of 2007-Ameding Sectios 7&32 of Transpo Code Parking Tourist Buses
Ordinance No.6,Series of 2007- Amending Transportation Code one way 7am-7pm.
Ordinance No.6,Series of 2008-Amending the schedule of fares for tricycle for hire and Section 85(I) of Transpo Code.
Ordinance No.8,Series of 2006-Regulating the use of Carburetor two-stroke engines by tricycle for hire.
Ordinance No.12,Series of 2008 - Right Side Parallel Parking Amendment to Transport Code.
Ordinance No.13,Series of 2006 - Amending Section 31 of the Transportation and Traffic Code.
Ordinance No.16,Series of 2006 - Amending Sec. 27 of Transportation and Traffic Code.
Ordinance No.18,Series of 2008 - Revised schedule of fares for tricycles.
Ordinance No.27, Series of 2005 - Transportation and Traffic Code of Vigan.
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