Youth, Sports Development & Women and Family Affairs

Ordinance No. 04, Series of 2014-Ordinance regulating the operation of amusement arcades in Vigan
Ordinance No. 11, Series of 2013 - Cheer zone Ordinance Zipline.
Ordinance No. 14, Series of 2013-Ordinance on anti-bullying in the City of Vigan
Ordinance No. 15, Series of 2011-Anti Trafficking Ordinance of Vigan City.
OrdinanceNo.3,Seriesof2008-Gender and Development Code Ordinance
Ordinance No.9, Series of 2005 - Vigan Youth Code
Ordinance No.14,Series of 2005 - Giving Monetary Reward to Deserving student athletes in Vigan.
Ordinance No.15,Series of 2006- Vigan City Sports Development Ordinance.
Ordinance No.23,Series of 2005-regulating elem. students and minors.
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