Ordinance No. 04, Series of 2013 - Ordinance on Hygienic Handling of Meat in Vigan 2013
Ordinance No. 13, Series of 2011-Ordinance on Meat Inspection
Ordinance No. 13, Series of 2014 - Ordinance Instituionalizing Organic Agriculture in the City of Vigan
Ordinance No. 16, Series of 2011 - An Ordinance Amending Section 230 and Section 237 of the Vigan Revenue Code of 2006
Ordinance No1,Series of 2009 - Motorized Fishing Vesse Grosstonnage Ordinances
Ordinance No,2, Series 2003 - Classifying Meat Products with Corresponding Price tags being sold at the Public Market
Ordinance No.05, Series of 2009 - Rates of Delivery Vanin Transporting Carcarcasses of Hogs & Cattles
Ordinance No.5, Series of 2006 - Regulating the Movement of Animals Susceptible to FMD
Ordinance No.9, Series of 2008 - Regulating the Sale of any Fish specie and Marine Products at Vigan Public Market
Ordinance No 1, Series of 2002 - Agriculture Development Fund.
Ordinance No 2,Series 2000 - Regulating Fishing and or Fisheries in Vigan
Ordinance No 5, Series 1993 - Vigan Meat Inspection Ordinances
Ordinance No 8,Series 1993 - Granting special Fishing Privilege to Marginal Fishermen Estanlishing and Maintaining Artificial reefs within the sea Waters of Vigan
Ordinance No. 10, Series 1996 - Regulating the Slaughter of any Breed of pig and Selling any of its Parts thereof.
Ordinance No. 25, Series of 2015-Ordinance reclasifying 3000 sq m lot owned by Felipa Quema delos Reyes from agricultural to commercial
Ordinance No. 44, Series of 2020-Ordinance registration of ownership of agricultural and fisheries equipment in Vigan City
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