Health and Sanitation

Ordinance No. 02, Series of 2012-Health and Sanitation Code
Ordinance No. 06, Series of 2012 - Anti-Rabies Ordinance
Ordinance No. 7, Series 2010- Vector Control Ordinance
Ordinance No. 10, Series of 2013 - Anti-microbial Ordinance
Ordinance No. 10, Series of 2014 - Ordinance Regulating tattoo and body Piercing Facilities.
Ordinance No. 17, Series of 2013 - Ordinance Establishing CHT Operations.
Ordinance No. 19, Series of 2013 - Ordinance Creating the Vigan city AIDS Council
Ordinance No,11,Series of 2007- Granting 20% discount on medical, Dental Services & Diagnostic lab fees to parents Caregivers
Ordinance No. 2, Series 1999 - Requiring public and private hospitals and clinics to set up Measures to Prevent the Transmission.
Ordinance No.5, Series of 2003 - Quarantined for Suspected SARA.
Ordinance No.17,Series of 2002- Vigan City Code on the Maintenance of Cleanliness and Sanitation in public places.
Ordinance No.18,Series of 2002 - Requiring vendors of ready to eat foods Delicacies to Provide Cover
Ordinance No.28,Series of 2005 Bird Flu Ordinance.
Ordinance No 2,Series of 2004-A- Enforcing the Provisions of RA 8172- Asin Law
Ordinance No 3,Series 2000- Prohibing non-Residents of Vigan from Dumping Garbage within Vigan.
Ordinance No 7,S.1998-Establishing the Blood Donors Program in Every Barangay.
Ordinance No 7,Series 1996 - Prohibiting urinating, defalcating and or littering in Public Buildings, Streets, Plazas in Vigan.
Ordinance NO.15, Series of 2002- Requiring all Government and private establishment or agencies,schools for a trained First Aide.
Ordinance No. 24, Series of 2015-Ordinance establishing fees for gram testing in the CHO.
Ordinance No. 12, Series of 2020 Vigan Anti Covid 19 Discrimination Ordinance of 2020
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